Remote Rehab and Training

Both rehab and training compliance is difficult. Life is busy. Time is valuable. Being able to physically meet several times a week is not practical.

At Capacity we have created a platform for you to complete a movement assessment in order to build a wellness program or rehab program. Once the assessment and program are built, Capacity now can guide you through the process. The digital therapy and coach platform will include videos of customized exercises to your needs, real time messaging about your training, metric and goal setting, and easy progression/regressions to your program.

If either reducing pain, losing weight, and/or improving strength are your goals we can help you now from the comfort of your home or your gym.

Complete Provided Movement Self Assessment Tool

Capacity Builds a Customized Program

Training Metric Setting and Goal Setting

Digitized Training and Rehabilitation Programing

Video and Live Feedback on Exercise Form and Body Response

Monthly Phone Call or Messaging Meeting to Evaluate and Progress Program

Become Healthier, Feel Better, Look Better, Achieve Goals

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, workaccident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.